story book The Story of my Four Branches
with some twigs, nuts, deep roots and many little leaves

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The Family History of my four branches, with some twigs, nuts, deep roots and many little leaves.

This site is dedicated to my Grandparents, Ernest Drain and Ethel Jackson, George Weir and Ada Drain and all the names that fill our family tree with the wealth of their lives, their gifts of life, their courage, and their strength. And most of all their stories.

I have attempted to capture their legacy, the generosity of their hearts and souls for the benefit and enlightenment of my family and friends.

I hope you enjoy my Family History database, and that you will consider helping me make this the most complete and accurate source of such information by sharing with me your family facts, artifacts, and anecdotes.

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About this site.

The idea behind this Family Tree project is to bring all of us together, to explore our mutual relatives, to share our family histories, achievements and memories. These are my memories, yours may differ. However, I am always willing to share your memories too! Just contact me with your memories.

Our family tree includes my own and my children’s ancestry. It also includes my husband’s ancestors, making it a complete (though unfinished) family tree. You won't find any Royal Kings and Queens, although to me some of them are. There are (as yet) no Movie Stars or Pop singers; but those whose names are in our tree are all important in their own right. The photos and images used on this page are all of my family.

Care to Share?

Some of you have written biographies or family histories for individuals and families in your family tree. I would be interested in collecting these for inclusion in the database. If you haven't already done so, I would invite you to document your own history, your life as a child, that of your parents and your grand-parents. Document the way things were “way back when” and the events that marked your life and theirs, a sort of time capsule for our future generations.

If you would rather create an audio file of your family history or of interviews with your family elders and have that included, that would work as well.

As usual, I am always looking for any information, photos of headstones or other burial/memorial information, Obituaries and family Photographs pertaining to any of the names in our family tree. If you have some that you are willing to share with others, please contact me.

To enable the easier sharing and submitting of correct information, I've added a family group sheet for you to fill in with the details of your families. (One sheet per family group please). You can find the Family Group Worksheet here!

How to use our website!

If you are looking for a particular person, we suggest you start with our name search on the left. Enter part or all of the name. If you know the middle initial, enter it without the period to get everyone with middle names starting with that initial. You can also try our Advanced Search if you know other details about the person's life. Our surname listing is helpful if you are unsure of the spelling.

If you find someone who might be of further interest, you can bookmark their family history pages to easily find them on your next visit.

Be sure to check all our features using the links and drop down menus above. On This Date gives you a listing of persons who were born, married or died on today's date in history. You might also enjoy our web site Statistics and What's New pages.

In many ways, the web site is like "Granny's attic" - be prepared to spend time exploring it. Keep in mind, we are adding new information all the time, so if you don't find what you are looking for, bookmark us and keep checking back, or subscribe to our website RSS feed to have your browser automatically check for updates and additions.

I have a help page to assist you in using this site. Also, a FAQ page which might be of use to you. These pages can be located in the "More" drop down menu.

Just A Little Leaf

That sums up who I am in a single sentence. One leaf among the many who made me who I am.

I've been asked so many times what made me start searching for my family history.

Everyone has a different reason to begin with. But everyone ends up with the same reasons for continuing. For me, it was the stories I had heard as a child; from listening to my parents and grandparents, from meeting grown-ups who incredibly were "my family" and whose lives held such fascination to me.

Then as an adult, I was finally able to make sense of some of that wonder, that fascination. The problem then was separating the facts from the stories. And there begins a pastime that has become almost an obsession. One that takes us up and down the country to go what we call "grave-crawling"; trying to find those elusive headstones that tell us slightly more than we know. Most of all family history is fun; and leaves a lasting treasure for our grandchildren, even if they don't as yet realise it.

I began my search for my ancestors in 1995 when my daughter bought me a book on the subject. I'd always been fascinated by the stories told to me by my Grandparents about their parents, and I wanted to know more. Funny thing is, while I was at school, I hated history with a passion, after all, what does it matter that back in 1066 someone killed somebody else with an arrow at a battle in a place I've never been?

Now, history has a new meaning. Family history is about real people in a way kings and battles never could be to me. Knowing that these people who were your forebears struggled with poverty, illness, losing a child (or many), and still managed to work very long hours in order that someday in the future you might be here to tell their story makes history alive. It makes the search worthwhile.

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Privacy And User Accounts

Every attempt has been made to protect the private information of the living. This is based on a birth and or death date, and if this information is missing then it is possible for the information on a living person to be shown. If you see any such individuals, please inform us and we will mark them as living. (Better still, send us the dates!) Please review the page "Terms and conditions" which has our Privacy policy included. It can be can be located in the "info" drop down menu.

You can request your own user account, to add to our family history, and to share your research and ours. We reserve the right to deny any request in order to respect the privacy of our family members.

Logging in with a username and password will allow you to see all the information. Don't have a login? Don't have a login? Register for New User Account.

Latest Family News

Just a Little Leaf Family History Website Updated
Sunday 15th of April 2018

The Just a Little Leaf Family History website has been updated with a new look. We are also catching up with information received or discovered in the past few months and will be adding updated research on the Weir/Drain family lines everywhere. We hope you like it.

Suggestions for improving the website are always welcome.

* If you have announcements or newspaper articles of general interest to our members, please send them to us and we will post them here. This would include birth, death or wedding announcements from any of our branches.

Contributions - Care to help?

We are a family focused entity so access to this website and its associated database is free and will remain so. The database is independent of any other genealogy sites, and therefore the information within it will not be on sold (as commercial sites do). This website is also advert free and we hope to keep it that way. However, to keep this information stored online does come at a monetary cost (£5 per month). To help us keep this website running, we gratefully accept any contributions (recommended £5 - £10 pa).

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Ethel Jackson

My beloved maternal Grandmother
Ethel Jackson.
This photo was taken
in 1924 when she was
just 17 years old.

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